Residential Services

We have all of your domestic electrical needs covered at Allbright Electrical & Air.

Building a Home

Plan right for your new home build and get the right advice first. Through careful planning and incorporating modern energy techniques, we can help you save thousands on future costs.     


Put your renovation electrical work in the hands of an expert and get Allbright to quote for your project. We not only give you with a design service but offer practical advice on how to get the best solution for your money from the start.

General Maintenance

We are on hand to help you with all domestic electrical repairs and maintenance. Whether your hot water system needs replacing or you need fan switches replaced or new sockets installed, Allbright can do the job.

Back-Up Power

Allbright supplies and installs petrol and gas generators to get you through the times when your main supply fails. Back up power solutions is more than just buying a generator, you need to ensure correct installation to ensure that you are not powering the whole neighbourhood. Call us to discuss.

Air Conditioning   

We supply, install and maintain quality brands of air conditioners and can help you decide on what unit will best suit your home. 

Data and Cabling

Need an extra phone or data socket in your premises, then you've come to the right place. Allbright offers a complete data, phone and security cabling service.