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Are You Cyclone Ready?

We all know when mother nature strikes that it's not always at the most convenient times. We hear it year after year - clear the yard, get your cyclone kit together, store some water. Still, we are humans by nature, and Australians at heart so the majority of us will leave all of this until the last minute.

The days leading up to a Cyclone are crazy time for Allbright Electrical and Air. We receive hundreds of calls from desperate home owners and businesses frantically trying to purchase a generator at the last minute. Those that do manage to buy a generator off the shelf are often unaware of the risks associated with incorrect installation of their generator. That's why we've put some helpful hints together on the topic.

Did You Know ?

That it's cheaper to buy a generator before you need to?

You'd think this was a no-brainer, but it's worth stating again, that you will generally pay much more for a product when it is in high demand. Buying before the rush gives you time to do your research, compare prices and negotiate deals.    

That if you want to feed your generator through your house to power your lights that you need to have a generator socket installed by a qualified electrician?

Even if you've got yourself a generator, it doesn't mean that you can plug it straight into any socket in your house to power everything up. In fact by doing so you are endangering not only your own life but that of the linesman that my be working on the line at the time.

By having a generator socket installed by a qualified electrician you are ensuring that you are disconnected from the power grid when using your generator and therefore protecting the safety of your family, electrical workers and your equipment and house-hold appliances.